Page 173

Did you think Emi was the dramatic sibling? …you’d be right, but it definitely runs in the family.

Page 172

Feng, your scar is running into your jacket design, is that intentional?

(Psst, it’s 11.11 at 11:11, make a wish!)

Page 171

Run, run, run, as fast as you can — and then stop, suddenly, for no apparent reason.

Page 170

Yeah, maybe not a great place to chat folks?? Move along.

(PS-Happy almost-5th of November!)

Page 169

Tash ain’t got time for your shenanigans, Feng!

Also, HAPPY HALLOWEEN, my favorite holiday~ i wish i had something fun and Halloween-y to post, but you just get this lousy page. i’m far too far behind on my buffer to think of drawing things that aren’t comic pages. Thanks for reading, all, and i hope you have a lovely day today!

Page 168

You got this, Taisce! …right? You got this, right?

Thanks for reading!

Page 167

Complimentary attackers! The lot of ‘em — well, not Tash.

Page 166

Fighting- and magic-heavy panels are the worst offenders of buffer devouring! i’m pretty happy with how they’ve come out, though, so i suppose it was worth it.

….make everything glow!

Page 165

Feng! You interrupted a moment.

Page 164

i love drawing Prism Tigers more than hmmmm anything. But this page is part of the broken buffer issue.

Hope you all are having a lovely October! Remember, you can hop over to TWC to vote for my comic and see the full cover for this chapter! Thanks for reading!