Page 213

Uh oh, i think we’re done talking…

Page 212

Water + fire = steam!

Thanks for reading, all.

Page 211

Meanwhile, Feng is — oh, we’re back, that was a short aside.

Page 210

i learned a lotttt drawing this chapter, but especially the idea of showing other things going on behind the scenes while fights/dialogues were happening.

Page 209

i spy with my little eye….sneaky bastards.

Also, Emi + Puff = nonsense and i absolutely live for it.

Page 208

Water v Fire, fightfightfight.

I’ve been waiting for these two to meet for f o r e v e r.

Page 206 & 207

Uh oh, Puff is back.

Double-page spread! That means no update on Wednesday, we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled broadcast on April 7th!

Page 205

She’s a multi-tasker, Feng! She’s completely capable of flirting while setting robocops on fire, as you can well see.

Page 204

Scene change! So this is what our troublemakers are up to…

Page 203

Whew, i really kicked this metaphorical can down the road and forgot about it…i had everything done but the window background and forgot to go back and finish it before yesterday. But it’s okay! i finished it mere hours before it was due! We did it! Let’s never do it again, this is why i have a buffer.