Page 188

Obligatory “villain in pajamas” scene.

Page 187

More water magic, all the glowy water magic~

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Page 186

i really wish i had more chances to draw rainbow tigers, i do love them ever so much.

Page 185

Cut to a mystery~

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Page 184

Hack those terminals, Emi!

Happy New Year everyone!

Page 183

Feng loves snacks — which, frankly, is relatable.

Page 182

Cut to our favorite mayhem twins!

Page 180

Welp, the fox is out of the bag. (i’m kicking myself for not using this one-liner when Red first transformed!)

Page 179

YEAH, GET ‘EM TASH — oh, oops.

Page 178

…and offered him a single rose in exchange for shelter from the bitter cold…

idk, man, those glass enclosures only ever remind me of that movie, i can’t hardly help it.

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