Taisce Brennan .. they/them .. selkie ..24yo

Taisce (Tash-kah) Brennan lives a remarkably normal life in the Cliffs, hoverrunning packages by day and sleeping by night… for the moment, anyway. They have a sarcastic sense of humour, a quick wit, and even quicker inclinations towards anxiety. Despite the prickly exterior, they are doggedly loyal to their loved ones, so antagonists, beware!


Emi Fa .. she/her .. ?? .. 36yo

Often quick-tempered, Emi embodies her element’s inclination towards impulsiveness. A classic trickster, she usually has a bad pun on her lips and a secret scheme in her brain. She seems to have a fairly flippant regard for her own well-being, but mess with her brother and she’ll light you ablaze.



Feng Fa .. he/him .. ?? .. 36yo

Though perhaps leaning more into honesty than his sister, Feng is no less the jokester. He also tends towards optimism, in contrast to his sister’s cynicism. He enjoys pointing out people’s virtues, snacking, teasing Emi, and — well, no spoilers.



Bastion Emile Desrosiers .. he/him .. human .. 52yo

With Bastion, it’s all about the credits… No surprise there, he is, after all, a skypirate — but one of the good ones, he promises. He is an avid reader of all things history with a gruff exterior that only gets gruffer when dealing with his “infestation of one.”



Red .. she/her .. imp .. ??

Speaking of the “infestation of one,” Red has her own words to use about Captain Desrosiers — but we can’t print most of them here. Red thrives on confrontation, demanding a bigger cut, and complaining about doing all of Bastion’s work for him. Red is cleverer than she seems, always speaks in the third person, and doesn’t give a cloud what anyone else thinks.





Puff Hunter .. she/her .. water sprite .. ??

With a peculiar personality to go with her peculiar name, Puff is quite the wild card in our heroes’ plans. She’s brilliant, but uses her brains for bad (ie, bounty hunting); what she does with the rest of her time is, like much about her, a mystery.



Perceval Cope .. he/him .. human .. 47yo

Perceval Cope is the president and CEO of the Core, meaning he’s the leader of the not-at-all-free world. He has a loud mouth to go with his loud personality, and he isn’t afraid to use either of them.



Demitri “Demy” Stiles .. he/him .. human .. 29yo

Demitri Stiles is Mr. Cope’s right-hand man, secretary, personal security detail — basically, he puts up with Perceval’s tantrums and does as he’s told.