7 thoughts on “Vol 2, Page 42

  1. bcb says:

    I got the book 1 PDF. I can now officially move Skyvein from the list of comics I check once a month to the list of comics I check every update day.

  2. Delta-v says:

    I just found this comic about a month ago, and now I’m all caught up. As a long-time SF reader (both books and webcomics), I look for stories that develop a plausible world from an exotic or fanciful premise, something you have done here, and done quite well. I also like the art, humor and character interactions. ^^

    On the other hand, I just found out today that Skyvein is on TWC, so I have two questions: 1) Where did you hide the voting link (I had to look it up on the TWC website), and 2) does this comment section support HTML?

    Keep up the good work. ^^

    • karasu says:

      Thank you so much, Delta-V! That means a lot, and i really appreciate it~ So glad that you’ve enjoyed reading this little tale i’m spinning <3

      😮 Oh no, it used to be on my links page, but i forgot to add it when i updated the page a few months ago! i was also actually thinking of adding a little banner so that folks can easily just click it if they want to head that way, so now maybe i have the impetus i need to go do that xD

      You know, i actually don't know if it supports html or not

        • Delta-v says:

          The answer is “yes”. ^^

          I use the links to reference earlier pages so people will know what I’m talking about or to be helpful when the link to TWC is missing or hard to find. ^^

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